NCSC hosts LWF event to champion diversity in the cyber security industry

Created:  10 Nov 2017
Updated:  10 Nov 2017
London Women's Forum learn how initiatives - like CyberFirst - are encouraging women to excel in STEM careers

London Women's Forum

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) hosted a special event for guests from the London Women’s Forum at the NCSC's headquarters on 6th November. 

The event included a Q&A featuring NCSC Technical Director Ian Levy and Deputy Director Economy & Society Sarah L, which highlighted why gender diversity is so important to the NCSC. Attendees also learnt about the role of the NCSC, and how individuals and organisations alike can protect themselves from the evolving cyber threat.

Speaking after the event, Sarah L said:

"I am proud that half of our senior leadership positions at the NCSC are filled by women, and this is something that we want to see in other organisations. Otherwise, they miss out on a great pool of untapped talent.

"We still have some way to go, but the NCSC is committed to knocking down any barriers that could prevent talented people from prospering. Initiatives such as Cyber First Girls, influencing the private sector to provide first-job placements for female STEM graduates, and our cyber code of conduct, show that it is possible to make progress.

"We hope that the LWF members will leave this evening knowing that change can be made in their own organisations."

The London Women’s Forum is the UK’s longest standing body for senior professional women, bringing together female CEOs from the world’s largest financial and legal services firms. Sue Vetriano, Ambassador to the J.P. Morgan CAO Global Diversity Council and LWF Board Member, said:

“Being a leading force in UK cyber protection, the NCSC’s offices made the perfect setting for an insightful and thought-provoking discussion, featuring key figures responsible for helping protect us - professionally and personally - from cyber threats.

"The event also served to highlight the important role NCSC, LWF,  J.P. Morgan and SG CIB are playing in boosting diversity and inclusion in the workforce.  

"Members of the LWF not only benefitted from attending and listening to this group of experts but it opened up further questions that the LWF would like to explore further with the NCSC in a future collaboration."


To find out more about how the NCSC are supporting diversity acoss the cyber security industry, please visit

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