NCSC Cyber Accelerator start-ups

Created:  28 Feb 2018
Updated:  18 Feb 2019
The NCSC is working with start-ups in an effort to help take their businesses to the next level.

The NCSC Cyber Accelerator, part of the Cheltenham Innovation Centre, is just one deliverable set out in the National Cyber Security Strategy.  The Accelerator supports the growth of start-up cyber companies who aim to bring new ‘better, faster and cheaper’ security products to market.  It aims to support the emerging cyber security industry within the UK, encouraging skills, jobs and growth.

Participating start-ups are chosen through open competition using technical challenges written by technical leaders within the NCSC. These challenges identify areas of cyber security weakness where new products are needed.  Those participating receive commercial growth opportunities as well as mentoring and advice from the NCSC itself.

So, are you interested in getting your business involved?  The Cyber Accelerator can help your business meet its security challenges through:

  • shaping technical challenges to bring a focus to areas of interest;
  • working together and directly with start-up companies to influence their products
  • providing technical leadership and influence to encourage the growing cyber eco-system


So who is part of the third group of start-ups?

Six companies make up the third group and you can learn more about each in the Cyber Accelerator Look Book or below.



barac has developed the technology to detect cyber attacks on normal and encrypted traffic, in real time.

Learn more about barac

Configured things

configured things

Configured Things helps you model, configure and co-ordinate your network equipment, servers, management content systems and much more.

Learn more about Configured Things



Haandle wants to help families and businesses stay safe online. Our patented technology maintains privacy, restricts screentime and controls content access on any device on any network anytime.

Learn more about Haandle



IHackLabs offer a cyber security training and simulation platform, to support the improvement of cyber security capabilities and develop top-level cyber security talent.

Learn more about IHackLabs



LuJam provides small and mid-sized businesses with a level of cyber security enjoyed by major enterprises, but delivered in a way that’s easy for non-IT specialists to use.

Learn more about LuJam

Mission Secure

Mission Secure

Mission Secure is a leading industrial control system cyber security company focused on defence and critical infrastructure industries.

Learn more about Mission Secure



Nettoken helps you understand your digital presence by visualising all the accounts you have signed up to, in one place.

Learn more about Nettoken


You can learn more about the Cyber Accelerator and Alumni here.

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