NCSC Cyber Accelerator Cohorts

Created:  28 Feb 2018
Updated:  28 Feb 2018
The NCSC is working with its cohorts in an effort to help take their businesses to the next level.

The Cyber Accelerator, part of the Cheltenham Innovation Centre, is just one deliverable set out in the National Cyber Security Strategy.  The Accelerator supports the growth of start-up cyber companies who aim to bring new ‘better, faster and cheaper’ security products to market.  It aims to support the emerging cyber security industry within the UK, encouraging skills, jobs and growth.

Participating start-ups are chosen through open competition using technical challenges written by technical leaders within the NCSC. These challenges identify areas of cyber security weakness where new products are needed.  Those participating receive commercial growth opportunities as well as mentoring and advice from the NCSC itself.

So, are you interested in getting your business involved?  The Cyber Accelerator can help your business meet its security challenges through:

  • shaping technical challenges to bring a focus to areas of interest;
  • working together and directly with start-up companies to influence their products
  • providing technical leadership and influence to encourage the growing cyber eco-system

So who are the current Cyber Accelerator cohorts?

There are nine current cohorts of the Cyber Accelerator and you can learn more about each below.


Cybershield detects phishing attacks, and alerts employees before they mistakenly act on deceptive emails.

Learn more about Cybershield



Elliptic is the global leader in detecting and investigating cyber crime involving cryptocurrencies.

Learn more about Elliptic



ExactTrak supplies embedded technology that protects data and devices, giving the user visibility and control even when the devices are turned off.

Learn more about ExactTrak



Intruder provides a proactive security monitoring platform for internet-facing systems, detecting system weaknesses before the hackers do.

Learn more about Intruder



IOETEC provide a plug & play cloud service solution to connect Internet of Things devices with end-to-end authenticated, encrypted security.

Learn more about IOETEC



Active on-device cyber protection whether connected, or not, using anomaly detection and machine learning. Initial focus is the transport sector.

Learn more about RazorSecure


Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior enables your software developers to become the first line of cyber defence in your organisation.

Learn more about Secure Code Warrior


Trust Elevate

Trust Elevate solves verified parental consent, age checking and information rights management challenges for businesses.

Learn more about Trust Elevate



Warden uses Blockchain to help businesses detect and contain data breaches.

Learn more about Warden


You can learn more about the Cyber Accelerator and Alumni here.

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