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Created:  21 Dec 2016
Updated:  14 Feb 2017

One of the key objectives of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is to reduce risks to the UK by working with public and private sector organisations to improve their cyber security. As part of Industry 100, we are inviting organisations of all sizes to work with us by embedding staff into the NCSC so we can achieve a greater understanding of the cyber security environment using wide and diverse thinking.

By working together in a number of roles throughout the organisation, we want to develop a clear understanding of the cyber threat to the UK and share information that can have an impact across the community. That means analysts, network defenders, academics and engagement partners working side by side, on the issues that matter. Whether that's writing guidance for dealing with ransomware attacks, or improving the way that company boards look at investment in cyber security - by working together, we are bringing industry and government expertise together in a way that helps us all learn lessons, identify systematic vulnerabilities and reduce the future impact of cyber attacks.

How it works

Teams from across the NCSC will post advertisements here (online) when we identify roles where we want to bring in industry expertise and ensure we're collaborating on important matters so we can improve our products and services. Whether you're a small or medium-sized enterprise or a multinational operating in the UK, we are seeking the very best from a wide variety of skills and sectors.

As an organisation, you can apply to embed a person(s) as an integree and we will assess the suitability of the person on a case by case basis with a formal interview, and sometimes with additional testing. The requirement of the terms will vary across teams and all entrants are subject to a screening process and contract between the NCSC and embedding organisation.

More posts are coming soon so watch this space!

Note: This scheme is for organisations to apply and embed personnel. We will not accept applications for full time employment with the NCSC. Employment opportunities with the NCSC can be found on the Civil Service Jobs website. While we will endeavour to reply to each enquiry, we cannot guarantee this.

Contact and applications

All applications should be submitted within the conditions of the individual advert. Applications and general enquiries can be submitted to integrees [at]

You can access adverts from the 'downloads' tab.

Please be aware that while the NCSC will respond to each application, this may take up 30 days.

Industry Integrees into NCSC London Operations Team - Advert.pdf

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Industry integrees

CNI Assessment Team - Advert.pdf

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CNI Assessment team

Digital Government Team Domain Experts - Advert.pdf

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Digital Government team

Digital Government Team Dep CTO - Advert.pdf

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Digital Government team

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