CyberFirst courses

Created:  20 Aug 2016
Updated:  11 Dec 2017
Short courses designed to introduce 11-17 year olds to the world of cyber security.

 CyberFirst Adventurers

A free one-day development course aimed at students who have not yet made their GCSE choices (11 to 14 year olds) and their parents, teachers and guardians. Course locations include:

  • Belfast (24/02/18) - NOW OPEN FOR BOOKINGS
  • Southampton (04/11/17) - COURSE NOW FULL
  • Nottingham (25/11/17) - COURSE NOW FULL
  • Warwick (02/12/17) - COURSE NOW FULL
  • Cardiff (20/01/18) - COURSE NOW FULL
  • Cheltenham (27/01/18) - COURSE NOW FULL
  • Stirling (24/02/18) - COURSE NOW FULL

For all enquiries and to see if a course is running in your area, please contact Smallpeice on 01926 333200 or email


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 CyberFirst Defenders

A free four-day residential and non-residential course aimed at 14 to 15 year olds. The course provides a valuable introduction to the tools, knowledge and skills required to build and protect small networks and personal devices. Bookings are now closed.


Join Cyber First
 CyberFirst Futures

A free five-day residential and non-residential course aimed at 15 to 16 year olds. Ideal for students looking to study computer science at AS/A Levels, or equivalents. Students will explore advanced cyber security threats to devices, apps and software and investigate ways of protecting them. Bookings are now closed.


 CyberFirst Advanced

A free five-day residential and non-residential course aimed at 16 to 17 year olds. This is designed to expand the knowledge of anyone studying computer science at AS/A Levels or equivalents or for any student who has a real interest and aptitude for computers. Bookings are now closed.


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