Initiatives aimed at developing cyber security capabilities across public and private sector organisations within the UK.
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  • Cyber Accelerator at Lancaster House

    Nine start-ups graduate from ground-breaking cyber security initiative

    News28 Jun 2018TopicsThe NCSC, Partnerships

    Start-ups graduate from the NCSC Cyber Accelerator - an initiative set up to advance next generation cyber security systems.

  • CyBOK Knowledge Areas cluster diagram

    CyBOK - release of the first Knowledge Areas

    Blog post25 Apr 2018AuthorChris ETopicsCyber strategy, Skills and training, Partnerships

    Announcing the release of the Cryptography and Software Security Knowledge Areas for public review.

  • House of Parliament from across the River

    Industry 100 inspiring collaboration

    Blog post17 Apr 2018AuthorSteve MTopicsPartnerships

    Steve M from Sopra Steria discusses his experience of Industry 100, working with the NCSC and the importance of collaboration.

  • Introduction to Industry 100

    Information14 Mar 2018TopicsThe NCSC, Partnerships

    The National Cyber Security Centre is inviting organisations to participate in Industry 100 – an initiative which promotes close collaborative working between the NCSC and at least 100 industry personnel.

  • Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs)

    Information12 Feb 2018TopicsThe NCSC, Partnerships

    Regional Organised Crime Units, or ROCUs for short, are trusted partners of the NCSC that form the Cyber PROTECT Network.

  • gate opening into a church garden

    CyBOK - the scope

    Blog post01 Dec 2017AuthorMel FTopicsCyber strategy, Skills and training, Partnerships

    As the first consultation phase closes, the next one opens for the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) project.

  • The city at night

    Industry 100: FS-ISAC in NCSC and it's XLNT

    Blog post03 Nov 2017AuthorLucie UTopicsPartnerships
  • CyberThreat 2018: NCSC summit for cyber security practitioners

    News09 Oct 2017TopicsSkills and training, Cyber threats, The NCSC, Partnerships

    The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) today issued a Call for Papers as it launched CyberThreat 2018; a new event delivered in partnership with SANS Institute.

  • View of a library

    Cyber Security Body of Knowledge: scoping the knowledge areas

    Blog post05 Oct 2017AuthorMichael KTopicsCyber strategy, New talent, Partnerships

    Opportunity for members of the cyber security community to contribute to the Knowledge Areas identified as the foundations for the cyber security discipline

  • NCSC commitment to Scotland's cyber security

    News05 Sep 2017TopicsCyber strategy, The NCSC, Partnerships

    SECURITY experts leading the fight against cyber threats to the UK will set out their commitment to joint working with Scottish devolved organisations during a visit to Edinburgh and Glasgow today

  • The Industry 100 Initiative

    Industry 100: An introduction

    Blog post25 Aug 2017AuthorRobert FTopicsGovernment strategy, Partnerships
  • Developer Centred Security

    NCSC award £0.5m grant to fund 'Developer Centred Security' research

    Blog post21 Aug 2017AuthorHelen LTopicsSociotechnical security, Partnerships

    Two-year project will explore how to motivate developers to adopt secure coding practice

  • UK Public Sector DNS service

    Information17 Aug 2017TopicsCyber strategy, Digital services, The NCSC, Partnerships

    The UK Public Sector DNS service is now live - here is what it is and how to use it.

  • Friendly dragon

    The dragons are actually not that ferocious...

    Blog post24 Jul 2017AuthorJon LTopicsNew talent, Partnerships

    We've not forgotten about the winners from CyberUK's Dragons' Den competition!

  • Case Study: West Berkshire Council

    Case Study14 Jun 2017TopicsEnd user technology, Partnerships

    Easier logins, better connectivity, genuinely portable devices: improving the mobile user experience at West Berkshire Council.

  • Case Study: Judicial Appointments Commission

    Case Study13 Jun 2017TopicsIdentity and passwords, Partnerships

    The JAC’s Head of Digital explains how guidance from the NCSC helped to transform authentication and login at the Judicial Appointments Commission.

  • Case Study: 2FA at Ofqual

    Case Study13 Jun 2017TopicsIdentity and passwords, Partnerships

    From passwords to PIN: how Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) implemented two-factor authentication to improve usability & security.

  • Archery targets

    The Secure by Default Partnership Programme 2017

    Blog post02 May 2017AuthorAndy PTopicsSecure by default, End user technology, Partnerships

    We’re seeking proactive public sector partners to explore ways to remove or replace passwords for 2017's Secure by Default Partnership Programme

  • Universities of Edinburgh and Warwick become academic centres of cyber excellence

    News03 Apr 2017TopicsGovernment strategy, Research, Partnerships

    The Universities join the list of Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACEs-CSR). Edinburgh becomes the first such centre in Scotland.

  • The Research Institute in Hardware Security

    Information22 Mar 2017TopicsResearch, End user technology, Partnerships

    Establishment of a new virtual academic research institute investigating topics relating to hardware enabled security.

  • Bearded dragon

    In the den with the dragons

    Blog post15 Mar 2017AuthorAndrew MTopicsThe NCSC, Partnerships

    NCSC and DCMS ran the first 'Dragons Den' at CyberUK 2017 Strategy day

  • Cyber security

    Cyber security: available at good shops everywhere

    Blog post10 Mar 2017AuthorSarah LTopicsPartnerships, Sectoral engagement

    How the NCSC is interacting with the retail sector in an increasingly digitalised environment.

  • Fresh drive to develop next generation of cyber security experts

    News03 Feb 2017TopicsCyber strategy, The NCSC, New talent, Partnerships
  • Mark Ryan appointed HP Chair in Cyber Security Research at Birmingham University

    Cyber Security Research Chair appointed at the University of Birmingham

    News11 Nov 2016TopicsThe NCSC, Partnerships

    HP appoint Professor Mark Ryan as its Chair in Cyber Security Research at the University of Birmingham