How to gain confidence that security measures are effective.
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  • About the Certified Professional scheme

    Information12 Apr 2018TopicsAssurance

    About our Certified Professional (CCP) scheme and the benefits for UK cyber security organisations and professionals.

  • Become an NCSC evaluation partner

    Information14 Feb 2018TopicsRisk management, Assurance

    About NCSC-approved evaluation partners and how to become one.

  • CPA Test Laboratory Application Questionnaire

    Document14 Feb 2018TopicsAssurance
  • TLS VPN Client: CPA SC

    Document18 Dec 2017TopicsIT infrastructure, Network security, Assurance

    Provides secure corporate network connectivity over a less-trusted network.

  • Foundation Grade explained

    Information27 Sep 2017TopicsTechnology at OFFICIAL, Assurance

    Foundation Grade is a way of describing security products that demonstrate good commercial security practice.

  • Chancellor Philip Hammond

    Protective DNS service for the public sector is now live

    Blog post17 Aug 2017AuthorIan LevyTopicsCyber strategy, Digital services, Assurance

    Ian Levy explains why the NCSC asked Nominet to build this critical service

  • Smart Metering - Communications Hub: CPA SC

    Document03 Aug 2017TopicsDesign and configuration, Operational technology, Assurance

    Incorporating the Communications Hub Function and the Gas Proxy Function

  • Cyber Security Consultancy Standard

    Document25 Jul 2017TopicsAssurance

    This document sets out the standard which consultancy services are assessed against.

  • Image of weights

    Certifying the professionals

    Blog post31 May 2017AuthorChris ETopicsSkills and training, Assurance

    Making the certified professionals scheme (CCP) fit for the next 5 years

  • Generic 'Approved' stamp graphic

    Putting the NCSC's badge on it...

    Blog post22 May 2017AuthorAnne WTopicsAssurance

    Explaining NCSC assurance schemes, and why we'll be changing them.

  • Professional Cyber Services application form

    Document22 Mar 2017TopicsAssurance

    Form for information only. A copy will be supplied for use by any company when applying to join a scheme under the NCSC Professional Cyber Services Framework.

  • Like a car, which MDM tool is best?

    NCSC IT: MDM products - which one is best?

    Blog post08 Mar 2017AuthorAndrew ATopicsFlexible working, End user device, Assurance

    In part 3, we discuss why there is no one right answer to "What is the best MDM product?", as we found when building our own IT system.

  • Smart Meter Unit

    Assuring Smart Meters

    Blog post25 Nov 2016AuthorAndy BTopicsAssurance

    How the we made our commercial assurance business react to the demand of the Smart Meter programme, and how we can use this as a catalyst for future improvement.

  • CREST Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) scheme

    Information31 Oct 2016TopicsIncident management, Assurance

    CREST certified companies delivering effective cyber security incident response services for the majority of industry, the wider public sector and academia.

  • Blancco 5 Security Procedures

    Document24 Oct 2016TopicsDestruction and disposal, Assurance

    Security Procedures for CPA certified Blancco 5 (v5.7.0.1) software erasure product.

  • Kroll Ontrack Eraser Degausser Security Procedures

    Document24 Oct 2016TopicsDestruction and disposal, Assurance

    Security Procedures for CPA certified Kroll Ontrack Eraser Degausser 3.0

  • More companies join certified cyber security consultancies

    News12 Oct 2016TopicsAssurance

    Two more companies to provide government and industry with certified cyber security expertise

  • strongSwan Assure Security Procedures

    Document04 Oct 2016TopicsTechnology at OFFICIAL, Assurance

    Security procedures for the strongSwan Assure products assured through CPA

  • CPA scheme library

    Document29 Sep 2016TopicsAssurance

    This collection holds various documents that relate to the Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) scheme.

  • CPA International Recognition

    Document29 Sep 2016TopicsAssurance
  • MIKEY-SAKKE SRTP Profile Technical Specification

    Document29 Sep 2016TopicsAssurance

    This document profiles the use of MIKEY-SAKKE to provision Secure Real-Time Transfer Protocol (SRTP) with key material suitable for protection at the 112-bit security level.

  • SOG-IS Agreement

    Document29 Sep 2016TopicsAssurance
  • Off the shelf Assurance Services (CAS) collection

    Document27 Sep 2016TopicsAssurance

    These documents still contain references to the NCSC's precursor organisation, CESG. Please read references to CESG as the NCSC.

    These documents are the basics for anyone conducting or putting an off-the-shelf (commodity) service through an assessment under CAS.

  • CESG Certification for IA Professionals and Guidance to Certification for IA Professionals documents

    Information27 Sep 2016TopicsAssurance

    These documents together describe and explain CESG’s certification framework for Information Assurance (IA) professionals. They are relevant to all IA professionals who work in, or for, the public sector and to those who recruit, select, train or manage them

  • Audit Handbook for CAS(T) - Good Practice Guide (GPG) 32

    Document27 Sep 2016TopicsAssurance

    Covers all aspects of conducting audits and achieving certification of telecommunications systems and services. Should be used in conjunction with other relevant CAS documentation.