Podcast: behind the scenes of an incident

Created:  16 Oct 2018
Updated:  16 Oct 2018
A rare glimpse of the inner workings of the UK’s strongest asset against cyber attacks.

The NCSC’s first ever podcast gives a rare peek behind the curtain of our world-class incident management service.

You will hear from six members of the NCSC team who talk through the methodology behind the tactics they have deployed in more than 1,000 incidents since launching two years ago.

It is well known that the NCSC provides incident management support to UK victims, but the tactics its experts deploy is much less understood. This is partly due to the covert nature of some of the intelligence agencies they can draw on, and partly because the NCSC promises confidentiality to the companies who work with them.

Download the podcast (9.53MB) using the panel above.

The podcast includes;

  • A narrator talking you through NCSC processes during an active cyber incident
  • Paul Chichester, the NCSC Director of Operations
  • Adrian, the NCSC’s Head of Incident Management
  • Nicky Hudson, the NCSC’s Director of Communications
  • ‘Jill’ – pseudonym for one of our Incident Handlers (voiced by an actor)
  • ‘Jamie’ – pseudonym for one of our Incident Reporters  (voiced by an actor)
  • ‘Tom’ – pseudonym for one of our Incident Co-ordinators (voiced by an actor)

If you want to learn more about the NCSC's second year of operation then check out the Annual Review 2018.

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