Windows End User Device Security

Created:  11 Aug 2016
Updated:  11 Aug 2016
Guidance for organisations considering deploying a Microsoft Windows or Windows Mobile platform as part of a remote working solution

This collection comprises:

  • Configuration guidance for the current Windows and Windows Mobile platforms
  • Configuration guidance for earlier Windows and Windows Mobile variants
  • Mitigation guidance for obsolete WIndows platforms
  • The introduction to End User Devices collection

Windows End User Devices

  1. EUD Security Guidance: Windows 10

    Secure configuration for devices running Windows 10 1607 “Anniversary Edition”

  2. EUD Security Guidance: Windows 10 Mobile

    This guidance is applicable to devices running Windows 10 Mobile

  3. Obsolete platforms security guidance

    Short-term steps to take when you can’t move off out-of-date platforms and applications straight away.

  4. End user devices: factory reset and reprovisioning

    Guidance for organisations deploying or redeploying mobile devices onto their networks.

Introduction to End User Device security

  1. End User Devices Security Guidance: Introduction

    Guidance for organisations deploying a range of end user device platforms as part of a remote working solution at OFFICIAL.

  2. End User Devices Security Guidance: Enterprise considerations

    A summary of wider considerations applicable to deployments of end user devices at OFFICIAL.

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