Risk Management Collection

Created:  08 Aug 2016
Updated:  14 Dec 2017
Risk management
Guidance to help organisations make decisions about cyber security risk.

Welcome to the NCSC's guidance on Risk Management for Cyber Security. In this collection, we'll be outlining the fundamentals of risk management, and describing techniques you can use to manage cyber security risks.

We'll be adding to this guidance on a regular basis, so if you have any suggestions for topics you'd like us to tackle in future iterations, please get in touch.

Essential topics

  1. Introduction to the risk management for cyber security guidance

    The NCSC's risk management guidance will help you improve the decisions you make with regard to cyber security.

  2. The fundamentals of risk

    Understanding the key principles that underpin the NCSC's risk management guidance for cyber security.

  3. Get the basics right: risk management principles for cyber security

    Risk management principles that can be applied to all organisations, regardless of size.

  4. Variety in risk information

    Why recognising different types of information is essential when assessing cyber risk.

Component-driven and system-driven approaches

  1. Introducing component-driven and system-driven risk assessments

    An overview of component-driven (bottom up) and system-driven (top down) risk management techniques.

  2. Understanding component-driven risk management

    The principles of component-driven risk management in cyber security.

  3. Understanding system-driven risk management

    The principles of system-driven risk management in cyber security.

The governance of cyber risk

  1. Introduction to security governance

    How organisations can control, direct and communicate their cyber security risk management activities.

  2. Security governance, enabling sensible risk management decisions & communication

    Helping organisations to control, direct and communicate their cyber security risk management activities.

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