Objective B: Protecting against cyber attack

Created:  28 Jan 2018
Updated:  28 Jan 2018
Proportionate security measures are in place to protect essential services and systems from cyber attack.

Principles under this Objective

B1. Service protection policies and processes

Defining and communicating appropriate organisational policies and processes to secure systems and data that support the delivery of essential services.

B2. Identity and access control

Understanding, documenting and controlling access to essential services systems and functions.

B3. Data Security

Protecting stored or electronically transmitted data from actions that may cause disruption to essential services.

B4. System security

Protecting critical network and information systems and technology from cyber attack.

B5. Resilient networks and systems

Building resilience against cyber attack.

B6. Staff awareness and training

Appropriately supporting staff to ensure they can support essential services' network and information system security.


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