Digital Services: Designing a secure digital service

Created:  25 Sep 2016
Updated:  25 Sep 2016
Design your digital services to be difficult to compromise and disrupt. Limit the impact of a compromise and make it easy to detect a successful attack.

Good design should:

  • Make services hard to compromise
    Designing with security in mind means using concepts and techniques which make it harder for attackers to compromise the service using commodity techniques
  • Reduce the impact of a compromise
    Design the service with the expectation that it will include some vulnerabilities and that the exploitation of a single one should not result in a significant compromise
  • Make compromises easy to detect
    Even if you take all available precautions, there’s still a chance your system will be compromised by a new or unknown attack. If this happens you want the best chance of detecting the compromise
  • Make services hard to disrupt
    Service availability is often a paramount concern, and good design can help deal with attacks intended to affect it

We have published a set of security design principles which can be used by technical architects and developers to guide the design process. 

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