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The NCSC has a vital part to play in ensuring the UK is able to operate securely in cyberspace. In this section you will discover how the NCSC is working with industry, government and academia to support the next generation of researchers, students and innovation. 

Registration for the CyberFirst Girls competition is now open.

Learn more about the competition, how to get involved and register your team.

Local schools and their teachers, supported by the NCSC, will form two pilot hubs in an effort to address the current cyber security skills gap.

Cyber Schools Hub launch

Growing cyber capabilities in the UK

As part of CyberFirst, we support the development of the UK's next generation of cyber professionals. Our student residential courses and undergraduate bursary scheme are helping the UK nurture talent for a future in national security.  

We work closely with cyber security educators and researchers to build the cyber-savvy workforce of the future and enhance the UK's knowledge and reputation as a producer of world-leading researchers.

Industry is a driving force for the UK's innovation and research programmes in cyber security. The NCSC aims to support, encourage and facilitate industry involvement through a number of initiatives.

Call for submissions

The call is currently open for certified Master's degrees.

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Academic Centres of Excellence (ACEs)

Recognising universities as Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research continues to be a key part of government's approach to maintaining and enhancing the UK's reputation as a global leader in research.

Certified Master's degrees

It can be difficult for students and employers to assess the quality of Master’s degree courses with cyber security content. NCSC certification of such degrees will give prospective students confidence that the course and its content have met strict quality standards.

NCSC degree certification - link to standards

More about NCSC-certified degrees

Certified Bachelor's degrees

Following the success of the Master's certification initiative, we extended certification to Bachelor's degrees. Again, in a crowded marketplace, such certification allows the university to differentiate itself as a provider of high-quality cyber security education at Bachelor's level and allows students to make informed choices.

NCSC degree certification - link to standards

More about NCSC-certified degrees