Full Disk Encryption - Encryption Engine (CC Mapping): CPA SC

Created:  01 Jun 2015
Updated:  08 Aug 2016
Commercial Product Assurance
Full disk encryption solutions protect the confidentiality of data at rest. Such solutions come in two parts – an authorisation gathering component and an “Encryption Engine” which performs the bulk encryption and decryption of information. This combination protects data against loss or theft of the storage media by ensuring that all user data is properly encrypted and is only accessible if a number of credentials are presented.

Details the features, testing and deployment requirements commercial products must display to achieve certification. This Security Characteristic (SC) is intended for vendors, system architects, developers, evaluation and technical staff operating within the security arena.

The specific testing and deployment requirements are detailed in the Common Criteria collaborative Protection Profile for Full Disk Encryption – Encryption Engine.


CPA SC Full Disk Encryption - Encryption Engine v1-0 CC-Mapping.pdf

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