Cyber-security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP)

Created:  27 Sep 2016
Updated:  27 Sep 2016
CiSP is a joint industry and government initiative set up to exchange cyber threat information in real time, in a secure, confidential and dynamic environment, increasing situational awareness and reducing the impact on UK business.

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Becoming a member of CISP requires a two-step process:

1. Your organisation needs to join CiSP. The application will take no more than five minutes to complete and if successful, you will receive an invitation for your organisation to join CiSP within five working days:

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2. Once your organisation membership is approved, your staff can get individual access to CiSP via individual application forms:

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To become a registered CiSP member you must be:

  • a UK registered company or other legal entity which is responsible for the administration of an electronic communications network in the UK
  • sponsored by either a government department, existing CiSP member, or a trade body/association

Before starting your CiSP application please make sure you have read, and agreed to, the terms and conditions.

Benefits of CiSP
  • engagement with industry and government counterparts in a secure environment
  • early warning of cyber threats
  • ability to learn from experiences, mistakes, successes of other users and seek advice
  • an improved ability to protect their company network
  • access to free network monitoring reports tailored to your organisations’ requirements

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Our industry partners

CiSP members receive enriched cyber threat and vulnerability information from the ‘Fusion Cell’. This is a joint industry and government analytical team who examine, analyse and feedback cyber information from a wide variety of data sources — ultimately adding value to CiSP members and helping those organisations of all levels of cyber maturity.

The Fusion Cell also offers a range of products and services including:

  • alerts and advisories
  • weekly and monthly summaries
  • bespoke malware and phishing email analysis on behalf of CiSP members

Since the launch of CiSP in March 2013, the value of this collaboration has been recognised by industry, with CiSP continuing to grow considerably. As of May 2016, over 2225 organisations and 6150 individuals have signed up to this free service.

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