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Updating our Factory Reset Guidance

Created:  31 Jan 2018
Updated:  31 Jan 2018
Author:  Tom W
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We’ve just published new End User Devices Factory Reset Guidance on our website. We hope this guidance will give you more confidence to re-use devices, and help you to decide which methods to use for different scenarios. 

The updated guidance covers the latest versions of popular platforms - Android, iOS, and Windows. Since last time, we’ve updated details of the methods, and taken out some that are no longer needed for the platforms.

The guidance is mainly focused towards organisations, specifically around reusing devices between employees and removing possible malware from devices. That being said, any user can use the guidance should they want to have confidence about their data being wiped, or to resell a personal device. We recommend organisations use this updated guidance to check that their current processes for reprovisioning devices gives the sufficient level of security to meet their requirements.

As with all our guidance we really appreciate any feedback you have. Please use the Contact Us page (or the comments below) to let us know your thoughts.


Tom W
EUD Security Researcher

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