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Created:  01 Dec 2016
Updated:  01 Dec 2016
Author:  Andrew M
Part of:  The NCSC
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There are some words and phrases related to cyber security which are bandied about. Not just in our advice and guidance, but in the news and on social media. If we're honest it is not always clear what they all mean and it is easy to be lost in a cloud of cyber buzzwords.

We are keen on demystifying these terms so that when you see or hear them they're not alien, and you're not left feeling like you need a PhD in CyberSkillz to understand what it all means.

To help clear things up we've created a glossary. At the moment it contains a starter set of expressions and you can binge on the whole set now. Alternatively keep an eye on @NCSC as we'll be tweeting a term a day until Christmas (sort of a cyber advent calendar*). Later in the month there will be an infographic available to download.

Obviously, the glossary is useless if it remains static so we will be adding to and updating ours. If you have a cyber security word or phrase that you've seen on our site, or heard elsewhere, that you would like to suggest for inclusion you can tweet us (@NCSC), use the Comments field below, or use the Contact us form.

Andrew M
Head of External Engagement



Andy Lawson - 01 Dec 2016
Great start - the glossary should link out to the 10 Steps / Cyber Aware etc where appropriate to give context to the word or phrase and what needs to be done. Hyperlink words in NCSC articles to the glossary to reinforce and bring familiarity to these words to the 'normal' non-IA general public.
Mark T - 19 Dec 2016
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Access Control (List), Adware, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), Black Hat, Biometrics, Breach, Brute force attack, Certification Authority, CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability(CA), Cipher, Cipher text, Cross-site scripting, Cryptography, Data leakage (protection), Digital signature, Electronic signature (different to a DS), DMZ (demilitarised zone), DDoS, DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), Ethical hacker, Hacker, Hardening, Identity theft, IPsec (Internet Protocol Security), Kerberos, PKI, Key logger, Key management,
Mark T - 19 Dec 2016
Mobile device management (MDM), Man-in-the-middle attack, Network address translation (NAT), Password/Pass phrase, Patch managment, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), Penetration testing, Private Key, Public Key, Proxy server, Rootkit, Sandbox, Section 419 scam, Shoulder surfing, SPAM.SSL (secure sockets layer)/TLS,SQL injection attack, Tor, VPN (#virtual private network)
NCSC Communications Team - 02 Aug 2018
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