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New Chrome OS guidance released

Created:  19 Apr 2017
Updated:  19 Apr 2017
Author:  Andy P
Chromed engine

We’ve just published guidance for Chrome OS on our website. If you’ve not come across Chrome OS before, it’s Google’s operating system for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes which is heavily based on their Chrome browser.

We know there’s a number of different users of Chrome OS in the UK, so we’re really pleased to be publishing this guidance today. Some of our readers may remember that we have had Chrome OS guidance in the past, but we didn't include it in our updated set of guidance when we launched the NCSC website last year. At the time we didn’t have much evidence of it being widely used so it wasn’t a priority for us. Since then, a number of organisations have approached us asking for help, so we’ve taken the opportunity to revive and refresh our guidance.

It's a bit different

One of the ways Chrome OS is different from the other platforms we have guidance for is that it updates much more frequently. As such, we won’t be producing updates to our guidance for every major version of Chrome OS that’s released. Instead, we’ll continue to monitor new releases, and when something significant changes we’ll do an update to the guidance then.

Please give us feedback

And finally, so we don’t end up unpublishing content that you’re actively using, please do let us know which of our guidance products you’re using and your use cases. And any feedback – positive or negative – that you can give us on the guidance will be taken into account when we refresh the guidance in future. It also gives us evidence about which guidance products are most used and useful to our customers, so we in turn prioritise them.

If you have any comments or feedback on the Chrome OS guidance, pop your comments below, or get in touch.

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