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NCSC Cross Domain Solutions Industry Pilot

Created:  16 Jan 2019
Updated:  16 Jan 2019
Author:  Duncan A
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Will I ever be able to safely connect my IT system to other IT systems that I don't own, and probably don't trust?

This key question is one that the NCSC is asked frequently. We know that there is a growing need and diversity of reasons for wanting to connect different computer networks together, and we recognise that we need to constantly keep our understanding of the security risks involved up to date. We also need to maintain our understanding of the security properties and usability of the commercial technology currently available so that we can offer the best informed advice to our customers which benefits their business and enables them to do their jobs.

Within the NCSC we call the technology that connects together systems where the level of trust is either different or unknown a Cross Domain Solution or CDS. We are currently running a pilot study on Cross Domain Solutions with the aim of reassessing our current approaches to assuring and assessing CDS technologies. Ultimately, the results of the pilot will help us understand just what an effective CDS looks like such as ensuring an effective balance between security and usability, how a CDS should be developed and tested, and importantly, what type of customer scenario it is best suited to.

This is where we need some help. I am looking for suppliers of Cross Domain Solutions to come forward and help us with this reassessment of our current approaches. Any company taking part in the pilot should find it a useful exercise. It will provide participants with the opportunity to work with our technical experts and our selected test labs, raise both the NCSC's own and our stakeholders awareness of each company's particular cross domain solution, and help us develop guidance on what an effective CDS looks like.

The initial phase of the pilot is already underway, and we're grateful for the help of all the current participants. However, I am particularly keen to hear from companies we have not previously worked with.

The next phase of our pilot is due to start in April 2019. If you are interested in participating, then please contact Enquiries. You will need to make yourself known no later than Friday 1st February 2019.

If you are in the business of producing cross domain solutions, then we very much look forward to hearing from you.

Duncan A
NCSC Capability Lead for Technology Analysis

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pinaka gopalakrishna - 18 Jan 2019
Hey! Technology is an ocean. we will have to swim across it., and to reach the shores. In between , we have to face so many obstacles until or unless to achieve the final frontier. Hopefully, that I would that the destination.



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