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Malicious Russian cyber activity: what does it mean for small organisations?

Created:  17 Apr 2018
Updated:  17 Apr 2018
Author:  Neil
Part of:  Cyber threats

You may have seen or heard about the recent advisory on Russian state-sponsored cyber actors targeting network infrastructure devices. This included warnings to several sectors, including the small organisation community.

If you’re a small organisation, this may sound like a worrying threat and you might be wondering what you need to do to protect yourself and your organisation. Don’t worry; the NCSC continue to recommend that you take the simple, quick and low-cost steps which will protect you from the vast majority of threats. These steps are explained in the list of guidance at the bottom of this blog post. We’ve issued guidance to small organisations over the last 6 months, largely as a way to help protect against untargeted attacks, which are the types of attack you are most likely to face.

Individual users can also follow these steps at home. Making sure you keep your computers, tablets and smartphones up to date with the latest updates, using strong passwords, and backing up your important data are all things you can do to protect yourself from many of the threats. As our CEO Ciaran Martin recently said on the Radio 4's Today Programme, precautions should involve “..doing the basics. It is making sure you have the right patches and strong and sensible passwords.”

For more information, please read the following NCSC guidance:

NCSC Small Medium Enterprise Engagement Lead


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