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Looking forward to the CyberUK Strategy day

Created:  09 Mar 2017
Updated:  09 Mar 2017
Author:  Alex Dewdney
Part of:  Cyber strategy, The NCSC
Alex D Cyber UK NCSC

On March 14th at the ACC in Liverpool, the NCSC will be hosting the CyberUK Strategy day. This will be an excellent chance for us to lay out our plans and aspirations for the future of cyber security in the UK. For visitors, it’s a prime opportunity to gain valuable insight into the cutting edge work going on at the NCSC.

Following keynote addresses from some big names present at the show, the day will split into four streams, each headed by an NCSC Deputy Director. Here I’m going to give you an outline of what you can expect from each of the streams.

Stream 1, chaired by Sarah L, showcases the newest area of work for NCSC, making the UK a safer place to live and do business online for everyone.

Within this stream, the NCSC Economy & Society Engagement team will be highlighting and discussing a range of exciting and fascinating topics which delegates should find a departure from the norm. We will be briefing in the new remit for the NCSC, our strategy to addressing the requirement and some examples of current solutions being developed to meet this need.

This will be followed by leading figures in the world of the UK retail sector who will give a unique insight in to their approach to cyber security and how they are working in partnership with the NCSC. Finally, we have a first for the audience in an opportunity to hear a real-world account from a large charity organisation who were targeted by hackers.

This stream is sponsored by our colleagues from Nominet who will be rounding off the schedule with one to one discussion between their CTO and the BBC journalist Rory Cellan-Jones.

Alison Whitney’s Stream 2 will be looking at how the NCSC is helping government secure its digital services. The evolution of risk management will be considered, and some myths about the use of Cloud services at OFFICIAL will be busted.

Backed with some first rate case studies, our Active Cyber Defence program will be explored in some depth. Attendees will also leave with a clear picture of the pros and cons involved in migrating to cloud services.

Stream 3, headed up by CNI’s Kevin T, promises to pack a punch. Covering some of the most pressing threats facing the UK’s critical infrastructure, there’s a focus up front on the rapidly evolving set of security challenges facing the financial sector.

Another hot topic; The Internet of Things, gets a close examination too. Including a detailed look at the ongoing program of work being undertaken by Liverpool City Council to make Liverpool a ‘Smart City’.

Last but by no means least, Stream 4, chaired by Jacqui Chard, will be looking at Defence and National Security. This area of the NCSC’s mission is usually kept behind closed doors, so this event is a rare chance to peek behind the scenes.

Obviously there won’t be any sensitive material handed out, the goal is rather to examine the methods and approaches which make the UK a leader in this field.

Whichever stream you choose to follow, there will be time to put questions to the panels and exchange information with a range of experts only rarely assembled in one place. 

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