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Industry 100: An introduction

Created:  25 Aug 2017
Updated:  25 Aug 2017
Author:  Robert F
The Industry 100 Initiative

An important part of our remit here at the NCSC is bringing together government and private sector efforts on cyber security. Leading the charge on this front is the Industry 100 initiative.

This is a challenging project, dedicated to innovation and collaboration. One of our goals is to build and nurture a community of cyber experts throughout the UK, improving the resilience of our cyber defences, nationally.

Stronger together

The Industry 100 programme identifies a wide range of key positions within the NCSC to be filled by private sector experts. Our ambition is that, by bringing together the best of both private and public sector cyber talent, both will become stronger and we will make progress towards our ultimate purpose: making the UK safe online.

A number of positions have been filled already, but there are many more we are actively recruiting for. We have opportunities in security engineering, communications and finance to name just three. These are exciting and challenging roles, at every level of operation. From deputy CTO to roles at the front line of network security, you can find the full list of vacancies, along with application details, here.

This is not just a one-way street. As the Chancellor, Philip Hammond noted, when he announced Industry 100, at the opening of the NCSC’s London HQ, the goal is for, “These people to then return to the private sector and draw on their experience at the NCSC to drive change within industry.”

Hopes for the future

Those who have already taken up posts bear out our hopes for the initiative, sharing expertise, developing new strengths and building ties between industry and government. Along the way, shaping the roles that they undertake. This applies to working patterns as much as it does to defining basic responsibilities. Flexibility is the key to ensuring every one gets the most out of the experience.

We are in the process of collecting feedback on the program from the early adopters, and soon we'll publish these so you can get a feel for exactly what it's like working with us here at the NCSC.

This is essential work. If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that the dark side of our digital world is evolving rapidly. Cyber attacks can and do happen without notice, striking at our most valuable, sensitive national assets. We must match the pace at which our adversaries are moving, and overtake them. If you think you can help, we’d like to hear from you.

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