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Industry 100: FS-ISAC in NCSC and it's XLNT

Created:  03 Nov 2017
Updated:  03 Nov 2017
Author:  Lucie U
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My name is Lucie, I’m the European analyst for the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) based in London. I’ve been in this role for just over a year and I enjoy it immensely, I love the scope of FS-ISAC’s membership. I’m also embedded three days a week at the NCSC office, as part of the Industry 100 initiative. Previously, I worked with CERT UK and I was aware of the development of Industry 100, I kept a close eye on it as I was keen to act as FS-ISAC’s representative there.

I’ve been officially at the NCSC now for six weeks. It feels good, having had some time out for my summer holiday, that I've now got a clean diary and a sustained run of being here to concentrate on developing the work.

Firstly, what an inclusive and friendly bunch of people the NCSC are! I’ve been working at home on my own, away from actual real people, so I had a few first day nerves. They were soon banished when I met the team I will be working with, and they've been helpful changing meeting formats so I can be included as much as possible while some of the admin and IT catches up with me. I am now meeting various other departments and teams and I'm working out how best to stitch them together with my NCSC and FS-ISAC roles.

So what is my role as FS-ISAC Industry 100 integree in the NCSC?

Well, I'll be supporting a variety of work, but one of the essential points is being able to contribute my views on what industry are telling me they care about or is relevant to them, and looking for other items of interest to industry that could be included on the website. I'll also be supporting the NCSC’s Weekly Threat Report, Threat to Finance Sector Assessment, and Forward Looking Cyber Threat paper. All in addition to being the first port of call for FS-ISAC members’ when they have an NCSC query.

Currently, I'm leading on a ‘futures threat’ assessment, that considers the future threat landscape and how this may evolve over time. I’m keen to reach out to our FS-ISAC members as well as industry (and open sources) as this will help ensure that the report focuses industry concerns and the side benefit for me is it will further develop my report writing and assessment skills.

Secondly, wow! What an impressive venue! From the shiny glass exterior to the state of the art interior. Nova South is a very pleasant work environment.

As one of the first integrees in Industry 100, I was keen to blog about my experience and the different type of work I’ll be focussing on to encourage other industry representatives to join Industry 100. If you are interested in Industry 100, please check the NCSC website for positions and the application process, however feel free to reach out me to via CiSP or or the comments below should you have any further queries or questions.

Lucie U
FS-ISAC Industry 100 Integree


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