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Establishing a council for the cyber security profession

Created:  15 Jan 2019
Updated:  01 Feb 2019
Author:  Chris E
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Back in July I talked about the work we had been doing with colleagues in DCMS to bring greater cohesion to the cyber security profession in the UK.  There was an excellent response to the consultation (which you can read here), which reinforced the direction of travel to establish a Cyber Security Council. We are now ready to take the next step and hopefully you will have seen that DCMS is inviting organisations to apply for a grant to establish the council.

The idea of an umbrella council is exciting and has the potential to pull together the existing organisations in this space, providing the coherence and clarity we badly need and providing:

  • coherence across career pathways and frameworks
  • clarity to students of all ages on how they could become a ‘cyber security professional’
  • a strong partner for government to work with, to make cyber security as effective as possible across all sectors
  • an excellent body to promote thought leadership, outreach and to represent the profession nationally and internationally

Bids need to be in by 29 March 2019, so the pace on this is fast!

Chris Ensor
Deputy Director Cyber Skills and Growth

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Max K (not NCSC!) - 12 Feb 2019
The idea of a more joined up approach is a good one. There is so much overlap between disparate groups working in 'cyber'. The question I always have with these efforts is, what's the strategy but more importantly, what operating model do you have that makes these things really useful? Who do you envisage will do that?

I've been involved with much 'strategic' thinking in Cyber, yet the challenge is always the same, it's implementation. Laudable goals, will watch with interest!

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