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End User Device Security: Latest releases

Created:  29 Dec 2016
Updated:  29 Dec 2016
Author:  Andy P
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We've just published our latest batch of End User Device Security guides. These include Android 7, iOS 10, macOS 10.12 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Some updated Windows 10 guidance is coming very soon.

For macOS and Ubuntu we’ve also supplied suggested scripts, which you can use as a starting point for your own provisioning process.

Our readers

These guides are intended to help you configure your organisation's mobile devices. Technically speaking, they’re pitched at systems administrators and risk owners, providing advice on how best to configure these platforms to meet business and security needs.

What’s new

From an enterprise configuration perspective, there aren’t many changes you’ll need to make, or new configuration options you’ll need to set for these new versions of the platforms. But, in all these documents, we have added a new Authentication Policy section, which replaces our previous recommendations on password complexity rules.

This should help you devise an authentication policy of your own, tailored to meet your specific business needs. This is based on our password guidance which I'd encourage you to read in conjunction with this.

We recommend that you take a look at how you are asking your users to authenticate to devices, in order to get their jobs done. Why not take this opportunity to remove friction from the process where you can?

Feedback welcome

As with all our published guidance, if you have any comments or feedback, please let us know. Similarly, if you have any suggestions for how we could improve the guidance or make it easier to use, we’d love to hear from you.

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