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Download the NCSC Advent Calendar Infographic

Created:  26 Dec 2016
Updated:  26 Dec 2016
Author:  Andrew M
Part of:  Cyber strategy

Throughout December, we've been tweeting definitions of cyber security terms. Our aim has been to demystify the plethora of buzzwords and jargon that the cyber security industry frequently uses. 

If you've missed any, fear not. You can download our NCSC Glossary, which contains all the terms and icons published to date in an easy-to-print, high quality PDF file.

You're free to print and re-use any of the NCSC infographics freely and flexibly, with only a few conditions.

Enjoy the Christmas break, and Happy New Year.

Andrew M
Head of External Engagement


Advent Calendar Glossary


Peter - 13 Feb 2017
The "Download the PDF" link is coming back 404.
Andrew M - 13 Feb 2017
Thank you for spotting that, Peter. It has now been corrected.
NCSC Communications Team - 09 Aug 2018
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