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Download the latest NCSC Glossary infographic

Created:  05 Jan 2018
Updated:  05 Jan 2018
Author:  Darragh M
Part of:  Cyber strategy
2017 glossary additions

Throughout December we tweeted out some new additions to the NCSC glossary. Our aim with the glossary is to build a set of straightforward definitions to common cyber security terms.

If you missed any over Christmas and the New Year we've put all the terms and icons together into a new infographic for you to download (and print if you wish).

And just to remind you that you're free to print and re-use any of the NCSC infographics freely and flexibly, with only a few conditions.

Darragh M
Head of Communications NCSC

Glossary 2017 image



Alan Hughes - 08 Jan 2018
This is brilliant, thank you, we are sharing with Staff and Pupils at our Schools
DH - 10 Jan 2018
Agree - this is a really good tool to help educate our users - we are a tech company and will be putting this poster across the floors!
George Lekatis - 01 Apr 2018
It is much appreciated.
Emma - 13 Apr 2018
This is a great tool to help guide users through the jargon
Jon - 08 Jun 2018
these are great - is it possible to get icon images to enable businesses to standardise these symbols across security communications and advice
NCSC Communications team - 12 Jun 2018
Hi Jon,

We're glad you like the icons. You can use them under the Open Government Licence ( which means you’re free to reproduce them, or use parts of them in your own materials.

To do this, we recommend you download the PDF versions, and them import them into your preferred graphics tool.
Receive SMS - 16 Sep 2018
This is awesome! Thank you very much. Cybersecurity is so important nowadays.
Map - 30 Oct 2018
Thanks for Sharing Such a Wonderful Information.

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