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Download the latest NCSC Glossary infographic

Created:  05 Jan 2018
Updated:  05 Jan 2018
Author:  Darragh M
Part of:  Cyber strategy
2017 glossary additions

Throughout December we tweeted out some new additions to the NCSC glossary. Our aim with the glossary is to build a set of straightforward definitions to common cyber security terms.

If you missed any over Christmas and the New Year we've put all the terms and icons together into a new infographic for you to download (and print if you wish).

And just to remind you that you're free to print and re-use any of the NCSC infographics freely and flexibly, with only a few conditions.

Darragh M
Head of Communications NCSC

Glossary 2017 image



Alan Hughes - 08 Jan 2018
This is brilliant, thank you, we are sharing with Staff and Pupils at our Schools
DH - 10 Jan 2018
Agree - this is a really good tool to help educate our users - we are a tech company and will be putting this poster across the floors!
George Lekatis - 01 Apr 2018
It is much appreciated.
Emma - 13 Apr 2018
This is a great tool to help guide users through the jargon

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