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Developing the cyber security profession – have your say!

Created:  20 Jul 2018
Updated:  20 Jul 2018
Author:  Chris E
Future of the UK cyber security profession

Over the last few months, a team drawn from DCMS and the NCSC has been working hard to develop a proposal intended to bring much greater cohesion and clarity to the cyber security profession.

Our engagement with the cyber security community has highlighted four key areas calling for attention: professional and career development, providing an influential voice for the profession, a code of ethics and outreach across the community. It's clear that support needs to be available for those in the profession as well as those thinking of joining it, at whatever stage of their career. 

A cyber security council

The proposal we are putting forward will grant government seed funding to establish a ‘cyber security council’, which will act as an umbrella organisation of existing professional bodies, academia and industry. Government will have an advisory role.

You may be wondering what the impact of this will have on existing professional bodies and your own membership of them? The thinking is that you will have access to all the council’s services and benefits via your existing professional memberships. 

The big picture

And what is the connection with other initiatives, such as the CyBOK and existing NCSC schemes? Is anyone looking at the whole picture, you may be asking?

Well, yes, we are, and we anticipate working closely with the council so that hopefully, over time, it will start to take the lead. Until then, the NCSC will continue to support and develop the Cyber Certified Professional scheme. We see this as a key building block that tests competence in several cyber security specialisms.

We’re looking to add value, not to replace or replicate anything that is working well, and my hope is that we will create a focal point for the whole profession - an agile and responsive organisation, able to keep pace with the fast-moving world of cyber security. 

Have your say

So, I'm really pleased to be able to say that the public consultation document has now been published on the website. Should you wish to comment, details of how to do so can be found there. You have until Friday 31 August to submit your thoughts. Based on the feedback we receive, we'll refine the proposal and then invite applications for the grant funding, which we hope to award this financial year.

It was clear from the workshops we ran with professional bodies, industry, academia and government made it clear that the status quo is not an option. I believe that the proposal we will be publishing offers an exciting new approach that will impact the future direction of cyber security as a profession for many years to come. So, please do take this opportunity to participate and help shape the future of the cyber security profession!


Chris Ensor
Deputy Director Cyber Skills and Growth


Chris - 23 Jul 2018
This survey appears to be predicated on the concept that this must be done, and all that is required is feedback on the “how”, rather than seeking input on whether it is needed.
Geoffrey Nicoletti - 29 Aug 2018
The battle front will be completely engaged by AI; that does not mean no humans, but it does mean the profession has to prepare for the battle better than the adversary...has to prepare the required automatic aspect with better algorithms and more capability. SPEED is the dominant issue---which is why the battle is engaged by AI. The professional cyber security expert has to be a greater "advocate" convincing others of what must be built, changed, added to for that battle.

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