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CYBERUK 2018 - registration now open

Created:  22 Jan 2018
Updated:  22 Jan 2018
Author:  Ciaran Martin
Part of:  Cyber strategy, The NCSC
Manchester's Central Convention Complex

Registration is now open for the NCSC's flagship annual cyber security conference, which will run over the three days from 10-12 April at Manchester’s Central Convention Complex.

CYBERUK 2018 will facilitate a national conversation to deepen understanding, challenge thinking, create debate and combine forces. Cyber security experts from across industry, academia and the public sector (including government ministers and senior policy makers) will take part in an innovative programme of compelling, interactive and inspiring sessions.

Last year’s conference was a great success. Many conversations that were seeded at last year’s CYBERUK conference have since flourished into formal partnerships. We’re delighted to be bringing CYBERUK 2018 to Manchester, a dynamic city that has long been at the forefront of industrial innovation, revolutionary thinking and the development of game-changing technology. It feels like an ideal setting for our series of interactive sessions, talks and tailored workshops.

As the UK government’s lead technical authority on cyber security, the NCSC's ambition is to make the UK the safest place to live and do business online. However, we can’t do this alone. Every citizen, business and government department has a part to play. The reality of the threat we face – large, growing and varied – underlines the importance of connecting a community of diverse talents and experience to meet these challenges collaboratively.

At NCSC, our experience to date has demonstrated that securing a safe and prosperous digital Britain is dependent not on one big process or one big organisation, but on the actions of hundreds, if not thousands of organisations and individuals working together.

I look forward to welcoming you in Manchester in April 2018.

Ciaran Martin


Chris - 23 Jan 2018
Great to see CyberUK has returned - a fantastic event from a fantastic organisation.

One question: last year, the NCSC very publicly committed that “CYBERUK 2018 will have a theme of women in cyber security“

I don’t see any reference to this theme in any of the materials you have published. I hope it hasn’t been forgotten about?
NCSC Events team - 24 Jan 2018
Hi Chris. Thanks for your comment.

It’s certainly not been forgotten about and all the decisions on building the whole event has women in cyber security as a core influence. In fact we have widened this to include diversity in its broadest sense and are committed to ensuring that diversity is at the heart of CYBERUK 2018. [].
Ella - 25 Jan 2018
So, you have back tracked on your previous pledge on making Women’s role in cyber security *the* theme? That’s really disappointing and not what I expected to see from an org like yours.
NCSC Events team - 05 Feb 2018
Hi, thanks for your comment Ella – it’s a fair challenge, and we're glad to have this opportunity to explain our thinking.

Yes, CyberUK18 will now focus on diversity and inclusion more broadly. Supporting women in cyber security remains really important to us, but we decided we should use our flagship annual event to do good stuff against ALL our diversity goals - as there’s a great deal to do in many areas, and we can’t afford to slow down progress in any of them. Also, different groups of people sometimes require different kinds of targeted support: we don’t want to focus so hard on women in cyber security, that we accidentally take our eye off the ball for everyone else. Keeping up the pace in improving all aspects of diversity and inclusion, is just too important.

We’re currently working hard on a range of measures to make sure everyone who wants to can attend CyberUK18, feel safe there, and participate fully. That work will continue through and beyond the event itself. We’ll release more information in due course and we've already started with the CoCo (

We’d also like to hear more from delegates and potential delegates – can you help us address diversity and inclusion issues at CyberUK, or more generally? Is there anything stopping you from attending CyberUK, that we can fix? Improving diversity and inclusion in cyber security means tackling some really hard problems, and we know we can’t do that all by ourselves. So we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what else should be done, and how we can all help to make cyber security the best place it can be, for everybody who wants to be part of it.
Ella - 23 Jan 2018
What happened to the theme of Women in Cyber Security that Ian Levy discussed at CyberUK last year? Are the NCSC really committed to this, as your comments in The Guardian said this morning, or is it all just lip service?
James Cant - 28 Jan 2018
Surprised that GDPR doesn’t feature on the agenda - will this be covered at all?
NCSC Communications Team - 07 Sep 2018
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