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CyberUK 2017: Let the cyber games begin!

Created:  07 Mar 2017
Updated:  07 Mar 2017
Author:  Harry W
Let the cyber games begin

At CyberUK this year there will be two locations to buy hot drinks: Alice & Bob’s Tearoom and Mallory's Café. These two will also be the site of the CyberUK games.

We are supplying desktop computers pre-installed with hacking software at Mallory’s Café and will allow attendees to attempt a wide range of attacks, ranging from hardcore technical through to social engineering against Mallory’s competition, Alice & Bob's Tearoom.

Some challenges will be possible simply with a smartphone, others will require specialist equipment (supplied). The difficulty of the challenges will vary from reasonably straightforward through to fiendish. If you're desperate, we might be persuaded to offer the odd hint here or there. But the battle for bragging rights is a serious one in cyber security circles.

You don’t need to bring anything other than your most nefarious mindset.

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