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Cyber Security Body of Knowledge: scoping the knowledge areas

Created:  05 Oct 2017
Updated:  05 Oct 2017
Author:  Michael K
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In Chris Ensor's blog 'Building the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge' he introduced the work being done in a project called the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK). At the time, the project was seeking contributions from the cyber security community to help identify the Knowledge Areas (KAs) which, in the community's view, form the foundations upon which the field of cyber security is built. The project's work will underpin the design and development of cyber security educational courses, professional training and continuous personal development programmes.

That initial consultation is now complete. The input, both nationally and internationally, has resulted in the project's first version of the CyBOK Scope Document. This document identifies the 19 Knowledge Areas that the collective community felt should be in the scope of the project.

Again, the project team wants your contributions on those 19 Knowledge Areas to help improve this first version of the Scope Document. You have opportunities to feedback both online and through consultation workshops, so please see the CyBOK website for information on how to participate. The closing date for feedback is 1700 on Sunday 15 October 2017.

This really is your opportunity to help shape the profession’s future. Please take time to contribute.

Michael K
Cyber Skills & Growth


Chris U - 07 Oct 2017
I think ten days to provide thoughtful feedback on an important topic like this is rather short.
David Alexander - 09 Oct 2017
I agree with Chris, for people with a full-time job it's nowhere near long enough for us to make reasoned and comprehensive contributions. What's the rush ?
Michael K - 11 Oct 2017
Dear Chris and David,

Many thanks for contacting us and for your interest in the CyBOK project. At this stage, the project is looking for comment on the overall scope (i.e., the overall set of Knowledge Areas) of the cyber security body of knowledge with the intention of finalising the scope by the end of October. The detailed content of each of the KAs will then be worked up over the next 1.5 years and there will be ample opportunity for further community comment and engagement on the details. Please keep an eye on the CyBOK website ( for further information.

Regarding the overall scope, we would suggest you feed back to the project team what you can by the deadline of 15th October. If you feel a few more days would help you make further comments please mention this in your response.

We hope this helps.
Geoffrey Nicoletti - 16 Oct 2017
No longer "vulnerabilities" of bits and "limitations" such as how many APTs can you handle? What if 61398 alters the voltage surge/drop so that high/low pulse characteristics shift numerous "0"s to "1"s and vice versa? What if we don't first-strike and try, therefore, to counterstrike with a corpse of a system because in milliseconds the adversary has kinetically destroyed our transistors? And defense means shut down our backbones to temporarily make assets attached inoperable; offense is to detsroy their backbones indefinitely disabling their aasets. Let us deal with the most significant material gentlemen...
NCSC Communications Team - 29 Aug 2018
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