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Customer success stories at the NCSC

Created:  14 Jul 2017
Updated:  14 Jul 2017
Author:  Andrew M
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The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted some new additions to the NCSC website.

Under the Insight section, we've recently added three case studies that describe how the NCSC has helped organisations to work more effectively.

This first tranche of case studies look at the NCSC Secure by Default Partnership Programme, which has been created to encourage organisations of all sizes to adopt the latest security technologies. So you can now read:

  • how Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) implemented two-factor authentication to improve usability & security
  • how guidance from the NCSC helped to transform authentication and login at the Judicial Appointments Commission
  • how users at West Berkshire Council are now benefiting from easier logins, better connectivity and genuinely portable devices

PDF versions of each case study are also available for you to download and print offline - just click on the Downloads tab in the links above.

As the national technical authority for cyber security, we're always striving to produce intuitive, actionable guidance. But we also understand that case studies are a great way to learn how other organisations, faced with similar challenges, have successfully deployed new and emerging technologies.

We'll be adding more case studies later on the year. If there's an area you'd particularly like to read about, feel free to suggest something below.  


Andrew M

Deputy Head, Economy and Society, NCSC

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