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Breaking new social media ground

Created:  20 Oct 2017
Updated:  20 Oct 2017
Author:  Lucy S
Part of:  Social media
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We’ve been up and running a whole year, but in that year we’ve only had one social media channel. I'll be honest, Twitter hasn't been without its challenges. It was a big step to take, as any social media would be, for part of a security and intelligence organisation. It took a lot of discussion* to get Twitter off the ground. And yet, not long after we’d made ourselves comfortable on it, there we were starting to think about adding another social media network.

But where next? What new channels to explore? A scary prospect, but we’re usually up for a challenge. So out came my pad and pen and I began to plot our new course**.

Obviously, we weren't completely without clues. LinkedIn was consistently a high referrer for our content. You were talking about our work, sharing our guidance, referring peers to our latest alerts and advisories - all on our behalf - which is great! But we weren’t participating, we weren't even on there. When we launched we said that we would work together with government, businesses and individuals to make the UK the safest place online. Clearly, with so many of you already talking about cyber security on LinkedIn, it made sense for us to join you there.

So, here we are (a mere 9 months* later) and we’re getting into the swing of this whole thing. Here is our brand new LinkedIn Company Page! (warning: you will need an account)

Join us there. Let us know your thoughts. Where should we be heading next?

Lucy S
Social Media Lead

*and lots of cuppas and lots of cake
**that sounds so much more romantic than the reality of composing a business case and getting it agreed



Jonathan Cornish - 20 Oct 2017
Great engagement work coming across really well and pitched well for all levels and cross section of sector and industry. Thank you
NCSC Communications Team - 09 Aug 2018
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