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BBC's Money Box Live: How safe is your password?

Created:  16 Jan 2017
Updated:  16 Jan 2017
Author:  Darragh M
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Helping people and businesses to stay safe online through safe and secure passwords is one of our main objectives, so it was great to see that message promoted on one of the UK's biggest radio shows.

A recent episode of Money Box, BBC Radio 4's flagship personal finance program, talked to three security experts about passwords, and what a post-password future might look like.

The panel in 'Money Box Live: How Safe Is Your Password'  included:

With host Adam Shaw they discuss if there's a solution to keeping everything secure, yet allowing us unfettered access to our online accounts.

It makes for fascinating listening, especially for those of us trying to wrestle with the complexities of password management, both within our organisations and at home.

Have you listened to the episode? And what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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