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BBC Money Box talks passwords

Created:  23 Jan 2017
Updated:  23 Jan 2017
Author:  Emma W
BBC Money Box on Passwords

We were happy to see the BBC’s flagship personal finance show visit the thorny issue of password security, specifically in the context of online banking.

Following the story of a businesswoman whose company account was relieved of £180K by fraudsters, the advice had a timely quality. The show’s host, Paul Lewis, asked: “The average person in Britain has more than 20 passwords. Given they’re all meant to be strong and different, how are we supposed to remember them?”

It was good to hear a mention for Cyber Aware, which has been designed with the NCSC's support. As the show’s reporter, Jordan Dunbar, notes: “Choose three completely random words. This adds uncertainty to your passwords”. Have a read of Ian M's blog post to understand more about why we recommend the Three Random Words approach.

The obvious question is left to Paul Lewis: How do we remember these random words? Cyber Aware, again: Use the Loci method.

You can listen to the full Money Box programme here.

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