Security Characteristic Deletion Notice: IP Filtering Firewall v1.1

Created:  04 Apr 2016
Updated:  04 Apr 2016
Notice of withdrawal of SC for IP Filtering Firewall v1.1. Stateful Traffic Filter Firewall may be suitable for some products.

The evolution of both government IA requirements and commercial security product technologies mean that the CESG IP Filtering Firewall v1.1 Security Characteristic (SC) is no longer considered to provide good value to the Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) scheme’s portfolio. CESG will therefore no longer support it, and the SC is subject to a Deletion Notice (removal).

From 5 April 2016 we will no longer accept evaluation requests against this SC. The SC will be archived and formally withdrawn from active use by the CPA scheme on 19 April 2016.

The Common Criteria Protection Profile is considered to provide an easier route to CPA certification and these new requirements are referenced in the  Stateful Traffic Filter Firewall v1.3 Security Characteristic which may be suitable for products that have been developed with the aim of being evaluated against the IP Filtering Firewall v1.1 SC.

This notice has been authorised by the Technical Director (Assurance), CESG. 

If you have any questions in relation to the notice please contact the CPA Administration team.


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