IA Technical Design Review

Created:  24 Nov 2015
Updated:  01 Aug 2016
An IA Technical Design Review (TDR) is aimed at private or public sector customers who are looking to offer an ICT service to Government, where the solution being offered contains innovative or complex security functionality that is not covered by current HMG IA guidance.

Advice is based on documentation supplied by the customer and/or their commercial developer and presented at the Design Review meeting and will take the form of a list of observations and comments on the Design, focussing on security targets and the security functionality of defensive measures.

The objective is to provide the customer and their commercial developer, and ultimately the accreditor, with guidance on the management and mitigation of technical risks to protectively marked Government information.

Service Pre-requisites

  • Government sponsor
  • Completed Design Review questionnaire
  • Design documentation supplied at least five days prior to the Design Review meeting.

Delivery Timescales and Lead Time

The Technical Design Review service is delivered within 12 weeks of receipt of a completed Design Review questionnaire.

Contact info

Organisations should complete and submit the Design Review questionnaire, or contact NCSC enquiries.

Further Information

Please contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM), or NSC enquiries.

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