Formal TEMPEST Certification Scheme (CFTCS)

Created:  30 Nov 2015
Updated:  01 Aug 2016
CFTCS is the Formal TEMPEST Certification Scheme for certifying products

Testing is done by one of the test facilities accredited by the NCSC to conduct tests under the Formal TEMPEST Certification Scheme (CFTCS). Please contact one of the accredited test facilities for further information on certification and costs.

Products are examined against the tempest standard by engineers fully qualified to CFTCS standards and tested in a accredited screen enclosure. The testing ensures that products are examined thoroughly for TEMPEST emanations.

In addition to this initial test, products must also undergo TEMPEST Production Assurance Testing (TPAT) to ensure a consistent build standard. These limited tests are carried out on the production run to ensure that TEMPEST integrity is maintained throughout.

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