Created:  17 Aug 2016
Updated:  17 Aug 2016

Cyber invest


Investing in and supporting cutting-edge cyber security research across the UK's academic sector.

The UK is a thriving centre for cutting-edge cyber security research, creating new opportunities and helping the UK remain a secure place to do business. HMG, in partnership with The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), has already achieved much over the last 5 years to boost investment in cyber research.

However, it's now clear that in order to take the UK to the next level we need active participation and co-investment from industry. CyberInvest is a partnership that brings together key players from government and industry to invest and support the development of cutting-edge cyber security research across the UK's academic sector.

CyberInvest's vision is:

  • to encourage and promote industry investment in cyber security research within UK universities
  • to create a community of industry, government and academia committed to cyber security research in the UK

Why should you join CyberInvest?

  • Public recognition as a company that cares about the UK's research capabilities
  • Advice from experts at EPSRC and GCHQ on the universities working in particular areas of interest
  • Early sight of cutting-edge academic research, providing opportunities for IP commercialisation and pull-through into innovative products and services
  • Opportunities within HMG to match fund industry investment where appropriate
  • Opportunities to meet with ministers, senior level academics and public sector officials to obtain early sight of future interests
  • Regular updates from the Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR), Research Institutes (RI) and Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT)
  • Invitations to attend the ACE-CSR conference as well as internal classified technical conferences (for those with appropriate clearances)

What's the minimum investment?

In recognition of the widespread interest in this area of research, companies of all sizes are encouraged to join the CyberInvest partnership. Minimum investment levels range from £10k for 'micro' companies (companies with less than 10 employees) to £500k for large companies (over 250 employees). We also recognise the value of 'in-kind' contributions (eg provision of equipment, staff time, etc.) and have included this as an optional element.

How do I invest? 

You should invest directly with the universities that best meet your business needs; EPSRC and GCHQ can discuss suitable opportunities to help you make your decision. All investment amounts (£ or in kind) should be logged with GCHQ at

CyberInvest's Members

To date, 24 companies have committed to invest a minimum of £8m over the next 5 years. CyberInvest members are shown below.


How can I find out more?

For more detailed information, you can download the CyberInvest brochure, or send an email to

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