About us

The NCSC was set up to help protect our critical services from cyber attacks, managing major incidents and improve the underlying security of the UK Internet through technological improvement and advice to citizens and organisations. Our vision is to help make the UK the safest place to live and do business online.

Learn more by downloading and reading the launch of the NCSC document.

Who we are

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is the UK’s authority on cyber security. We are a part of GCHQ. The NCSC brings together and replaces CESG (the information security arm of GCHQ), the Centre for Cyber Assessment (CCA), Computer Emergency Response Team UK (CERT UK) and the cyber-related responsibilities of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

The NCSC has access to some of the most sophisticated capabilities available to government. We acknowledge the sensitivity of these resources, whilst working to make the benefits of our expertise as widely available as possible. Further information is available by downloading and reading the NCSC overview.


How we work

The NCSC is open and accessible. We work collaboratively with other government agencies and departments, law enforcement, defence, the UK’s intelligence and security agencies and our international partners. We recognise the value of diversity and different perspectives and bring together a unique range of talents, skills and experience to tackle the hardest cyber security challenges that we face.

We are expert and look to the future.  We exchange talent with other organisations through secondments and interchanges; this allows us to foster the technical innovation needed to succeed in an ever changing landscape.  

Our purpose

The NCSC’s main purpose is to reduce the cyber security risk to the UK by improving its cyber security and cyber resilience. We work together with UK organisations, businesses and individuals to provide authoritative and coherent cyber security advice and cyber incident management. This is underpinned by world class research and innovation.

We recognise that, despite all our efforts to reduce risks and enhance security, incidents will happen. When they do, the NCSC will provide effective incident response to minimise harm to the UK, help with recovery, and learn lessons for the future.


Why now?

The 2015 National Security Strategy (NSS) reaffirmed the cyber threat as one of the most significant risks to UK interests. The NSS set out the Government’s determination to address cyber threats and put in place tough and innovative measures as a world leader in cyber security. To deliver on that commitment, on 1st November 2016 the Government published the 2016-2021 National Cyber Security Strategy. The National Cyber Security Centre is a key means for government to deliver many elements of strengthened cyber security for the UK.


What we do

We understand cyber security

Sharing our knowledge, we identify and address systemic vulnerabilities

Close relationships with industry, academia and our international partners enable us to amplify the intelligence we gather from cyber incidents. We distil this knowledge into best practice advice and guidance, and make it available to all who wish to enhance their cyber security.


We nurture our national cyber security capability

Providing leadership on critical issues, harnessing talent and technology

Combining the best of government, industry and academic expertise, the NCSC has the clearest possible picture of the threats, vulnerabilities and technology trends which define today’s digital environment.

But the landscape of cyberspace changes very quickly. Our cutting edge technical research teams are constantly scanning the horizon, helping us anticipate the challenges of tomorrow and develop the talent which will face them.

We respond to cyber security incidents

By managing serious security breaches, we reduce the harm they cause to the UK

We recognise that, despite all our efforts to reduce risks and enhance security, incidents will happen. When they do, we will work to minimise harm to those affected, help with recovery, and learn lessons for the future. Often we will help by connecting victims to commercial companies who are excellent at incident response.

We also co-ordinate the wider response of government and law enforcement. And in the case of very serious incidents we may communicate publicly, giving people and businesses advice on how to protect themselves.


We reduce risks to the UK

We help public and private sector organisations secure their networks

The NCSC supports the most critical organisations in the UK, across government and the private sector. We provide bespoke advice and guidance, assist in the design and testing of networks, and help develop effective incident response plans.


Our directors

Ciaran Martin


Ciaran Martin

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Levy


Dr Ian Levy

Technical Director

Paul Chichester


Paul Chichester

Director for Operations

Our deputy directors

Chris Ensor


Chris Ensor

Deputy Director for Cyber Skills and Growth


Alison Whitney


Alison Whitney

Deputy Director for Digital Government

Jacqui Chard


Jacqui Chard

Deputy Director for Defence and National Security

Nicky Hudson

Nicola Hudson

Director for Communications and NCSC Board Member

At the National Cyber Security Centre, we provide world class advice and consultancy services to a variety of Government and industry customers globally.

Join us and you’ll help to ensure that the technologies used across the UK protect the information they carry.